Become a Security Training Instructor

Security Training Instructors are in high demand. You can earn up to £47,000 if you take the steps to become one. Our interest-free career loans mean it's affordable and easy to get started.

Why Teaching is Great

Inspire others

Great rewards

Be your own boss

Make new connections and give the gift of learning.

Security instructors can earn up to £47,000 annually.

You decide when and where to work.
Your life, your time.

Teaching consistently ranks as one of the most rewarding and happiest careers along with Nursing and Engineering


2 years' experience

Teaching qualifications

The will to share knowledge

A minimum of 2 years of frontline security experience in the last 5 years in the UK.

You'll have to complete a few teaching qualifications. You’ll find a full list of these below.

Teaching isn't for everyone. You have to be keen to share your experiences.

Only takes 30 seconds

How it works

Start your application


Start your application by answering a few simple questions.


Application assessment

Your application will be assessed, and you'll be contacted by a member of our Partnerships team.


Funding approved

We'll check your eligibility and approve your funding for all the costs associated with the qualifications.


Qualification completion

We'll book you all the courses you need. You'll attend them and use what you’ve learned to complete your coursework.

Your first course


You'll shadow instructors and learn the ropes of teaching and conducting classes. Once you are ready, you'll be able to deliver your own courses.

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Is a teaching career right for you?

See what it takes to be a successful SIA Security Training Instructor in the UK in 2022

You have worked as a Security Guard, Door Supervisor or have ex-forces background

You are looking to progress in your career and reap greater financial rewards

You like meeting new people and inspiring them with your life experiences and knowledge

You want to build your own business and have a lifestyle that suits your priorities

Only takes 30 seconds

Frequently asked questions

How long does the entire process take?

How will I find work?

Once you’re qualified, finding work as a Security Training Instructor is easy. You have the option to become a partner with Get Licensed or to start your own training company.

You can expect to start your new teaching career in 3 to 6 months if you start your application today.

Why should you become a security training instructor?

What is a SIA security training instructor?

You can choose the work you want, often with the freedom to travel. You’ll get immense gratification seeing your trained candidates reach their full potential.

SIA Security Training Instructors train people as they begin their career working in the private security sector.

How much can you earn as a security training instructor?

What locations have vacancies for instructors?

There are multiple training courses taking place across the UK every week. Complete your application to find out how many opportunities are available near you.

Security Training Instructors can make up to £150 to £200 a day, and can earn anywhere between £3,000 to £6,000 a month.

Only takes 30 seconds

From student to a successful Training Instructor

After serving Kent Police for 14 years, I wasn't sure which industry would suit me best. After I learned about SIA qualifications, I enrolled for a CCTV course in Central London.

I was keen to use my frontline experience working as a surveillance officer. By August 2020, I had started the CCTV course; my career in the police enabled me to relate easily to the content being delivered.

I was approached by the trainer at the end of my first day, asking me if I’d be interested in becoming an approved trainer. My skills matched the job perfectly.

Then I was introduced to the Head of Centre, who requested my CV. Within a day, I was interviewed.

During the job transition, I was continuously supported. I had plenty of training and felt like this was the start of my new journey. Now I’m sharing my experience with the people at my security courses – it’s so rewarding, and my financial gains are huge.

 Shaun Hollingsworth Ravate, SIA Instructor